"A Little Red" is an exhibition organised by Kezia Tubbs, Jenifer Craig, Grace Parry, Samantha Stephens, Laya Mutton Rogers, and Myself.

The Exhibition is an exploration of own unique art-styles and the various ways we can portray the same story. Using the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood, each of us illustrated a series of illustrations showcasing our own interpretation and style. 

The exhibition was organised in a non linear fashion encouraging visitors to explore and interact with each story in no particular order, ending with each visitor illustrating their own interpretation of the story.

My Illustration "Eternal Eclipse" is based off Henry Bett’s story of a little red riding hood, interpreted as a myth of the sunrise and sunset. My illustration portrays The Sun (Red) and the Moon (The Wolf) stuck in an battle looping eternally.
Photos from the "A Little Red" Exhibition
My Illustration Process
Paper Craft Wolf Hands
The original design for my illustration had several paper-crafted hands protruding from the bottom of the design, However this idea was scrapped near the end of the project, but here's a few process photos of modeling the hands.

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