Buddy Banquet 
Social Cooking & Catering 
(Buddy Banquet is a fictitious company designed by Josh Walker & Anna Wallace.) 
Buddy Banquet offers social cooking services as a platform to help improve well-being in the office work place. It provides a chance to eat healthy food, socialize with co -workers and encourages regular break taking in the work office environment.
Motion Graphic
We designed a motion graphic to promote and explain buddy banquets process, This was designed to be used as an online advertisement for buddy banquet.
(Assets & Storyboard done by Josh Walker)
(Script & Animation done by Anna Wallace)
We created a short dossier going into more detail on our design thinking behind this project and how it relates to the 5 ways to well being.
We designed posters to advertise the Buddy Banquet event that could be shared digitally or hung up on notice boards around the office.
Packaging Design
We designed the packaging for the box used to deliver the ingredients for the event.
Recipe Designs
We designed recipe layouts for participants of the event to use in the office afterwards to continue to promote cooking in pairs.
Web Design
We designed a website to act as the hub for where users can learn about the buddy banquet service, book classes, and share/learn new recipes.
Character Illustrations
Several of the various character illustrations we made for this project.

(Fun-fact: The character designs actually used to have cute faces, but were sadly cut after user testing deemed them too cute for an work office environment).

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