Raunip Character Design

This was a project completed for Massey university, We were tasked with designing a character, environment & prop that fit within the universe of the Dark Crystal taking inspiration of a art director of our choice, In this case we took inspiration from the character designs of Hayao Miyazaki.
About Raunip

Our character Raunip Is based off the lore from Dark crystal, where he is the child of Augra brought to life from an otherworldly meteorite. He embodies the natural spirit of this other world, as such he the energy of this world lies deep within him which can be seen radiating from his eyes and scales. 

Animals and fauna from his home world has grown from these scales and a large self-sustaining ecosystem has grown on Raunip's back. After his mother was blinded during the great conjunction Raunip prefers to live a life of solitude having exiled himself a far-off mushroom forest where he lives among the animals that have come to dwell atop him and cannot be harmed by the UrSkeks. Raunip is quite crafty and loves to create having smaller forearms used to craft tools, sculpture and whatever he pleases. 

During the age of the division he has come to aid various Gelfling tribes by creating the tools, weapons & armor to help them defend from the Skeksis attacks. Raunip has crafted a ring as it's easy to carry and use as a communication device, used to communicate with the outside world. The ring is made from materials found in Raunip's local environment and inscribed with the magical symbols of the Mystics. 
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(Illustrated by Samantha Stephens)
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