During June 2018 I was lucky enough to attend The lonely artist's Creature design workshop. We spent two whole days working on designing a creature of our own imagination.

I decided to design a 'Donkasaur' a creature i would often draw as a child and explore how this creature would live within the world of Datmornia (another personal concept design project I am working on currently). 

I explored the entire life cycle of the creature using these guide lines set from my childhood drawings:

1: the designs should resemble the initial designs of my childhood drawings.
2:The creature must be born as a small insectiod creature (the Donkagrub) and grow into a the mammalian adult form (The Donkasaur).
3. The creature's adult form is tamed by Datmourns, (Another species within the datmournia world). How does this impact the donkasaur and it's life cycle.

Childhood drawings of a 
Donkasaur & Donkagrub.
Below you can find photos of the event, my concept design drawings and the finished clay bust of an adolescent donkasaur.
Final Sculpture
Photos from the event
Concept sketches

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