I was tasked with design a satirical poster on a recent event. I chose the Facebook - Cambridge Analytica data scandal.  My aim is to highlight the conflicting opinions of zuckerberg, is he a child and meme we all laugh at? or a threat to our internet privacy and safety? I wanted to show a contrast between the two reactions the general public had to the event.
Animated Poster
For the animated version I wanted to emphasize the terrifying and monster-like qualities of the giant Zuckerberg by having the eyes rolling into the back of his head whilst he open his mouth, revealing a blue glow from the data being harvested inside him.

Influences - I was influenced by many caricatures and retro sci fi poster for this illustration, so I intense blues and reds as my colour palettes, with a semi realistic but still characterised style for the main portrait.

5 events

During the congress hearing, There was a lot of confusion around people not understanding facebook's policies and terms and conditions, alongside a lot of internet jargon, I represented this idea through a large wall separating the masses from zuckerberg, These terms and conditions are what protected zuckerberg from facing any real action, as people willingly but unbeknown to them gave away their data due to accepting them terms.

During the congress hearing the congressman criticized facebook's invasion of privacy, whereas congress has previously been accused of spying on american citizens in the past, Therefore they are no better than zuckerberg in this case, To express this I’ve also given the congressmen in my illustration the zuckerbergs face.

The public's reaction to the event, During the aftermath of the congress hearing I noticed the general public swing two ways, some would act like zuckerberg had just been roasted for his offences. Many made memes and jokes about how he acted during the congress hearing, some of which photoshopping him to look like a baby he sat in a booster seat during the hearing.  Whereas other people saw zuckerberg's offences as major warning signs to our right to privacy on the internet and made him up to be this massive threat that had to be stopped. To portray this in my illustration I had a childlike, zuckerberg dressing a bonnet, and holding a baby bottle (pose based of a image that was used in most internet memes of zuckerberg), The the crowd surrounding him laughing and point at him, but as the crowd moves up to the top of the page, the laughs turn to screams, as the crowd depicts zuckerberg as a monster peeking over the wall spying on us all, whilst harvesting data.

Facebook's collection of data, This was shown through several streams of facebook, notifications and icons flowing into the main figure of zuckerberg.

Behind the wall and zuckerberg are the silhouettes of Ceo’s in suits whispering and plotting behind the scenes, hinting towards the fact that zuckerberg is just the figurehead of this issue and that the people behind the scenes are the ones who can use the data facebook harvest for harmful intent.

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