My Triptych was based off the song Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel, my analysis of the song is that it explores the ideas of the strong bonds soldiers formed during the war , the constant fear of death, and how the soldiers in the war fought for each other to stay alive as opposed for their country.

My interpretation is about the story of the last moas. The bond between two brothers and despite their different lifestyles, they realise that the bond between them is what matters most to them and the two tragically decide they’d rather die together rather than to live the rest of their lives alone.
The Story
Each part of the Tripych is based of a line of lyrics from 'Goodnight Saigon'.

I used the lyrics “and who was right, and who was wrong, it didn’t matter in the thick of the fight”, as a base to create the two moa brothers. Each has a different view on life, The purple favoring a more realistic and wary approach, and the Blue favor a more whimsical, playful and a “live in the moment” lifestyle. Their medium’s and design were used to reflect this.

The Chorus “and we all go down together, We said we all go down together, yes we all go down together”, Is expressed through the centre of the Diorama as a it depicts the fallout of a fight between the two brothers and the two moas realizing they need each other. The focus is brought to the purple moa, he comes to regret leaving him and searches for him longing to be together again.

The final part of my diorama depicts the purple moa discovering his brother trapped in a hole, The lyrics “We held onto each other like brother to brother, we promised our mother we’d write” is expressed here as the purple moa jumps down to be with his brother, resulting in both brothers become trapped in the hole. The purple moa then cycles through the 5 stages of grief before finally accepting that there is no way out, the two moas decide to die together cuddling and happy together as they join the fate of the rest of the other moa.
Closeup Shots
Character Designs
An Illustration I drew of the two Moa brothers character designs.

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