This was a sculpture I designed for one of my university papers in my final year, It's focus was on exploring new areas of illustration and how this can be used to represent a place in wellington. In this case Sommes/Matiu Island.

Through my research and exploration of Somes/Matiu Island I imagined the island as that of a giant creature eternally sleeping within wellington bay, it’s tail forming the water surrounding it. With in the giant grew four spirits, guardians of the island each reflecting a pivotal moment in the island’s history.

Born from the desperation of those trying to leave the island during WW2 this spirit is a worrisome, impulsive and hyperactive anxious. The spirit swims endlessly in a circle wants to explore and escape the island.

The youngest spirit, Born from the natural restoration of the island, this spirit is a strong, powerful, protector,an eager learner who wants to prove it’s worth. Protects those in need from predators. This spirit wanders the island keeping a watchful eye over it’s inhabitants

Born during the time where the ill were exiled to the island, this spirit prefers to be alone, It prefers to hide in pipes, logs and shells, while living inside the island. This spirit is unstable and restless never want to stay in one place.

The oldest spirit, was born as the first protector of the island, guiding those in need to the island, offering refuge, the spirit is Shy, caring. A Pacifist, who will protect those who seek help. Prefers to avoid conflict. It wears a coat/pelt to warn off and to hide from those who intend harm.

Techniques I explored while making this project were papercraft, animation, and 3d modeling. With the main focus around on old theater technique from the 1800s of the pepper's ghost, where a sheet of glass/plastic set at the right angle can reflect the image below it, making the image look project with in a 3d space. The island itself was modeled in blender were I used the UV map to reconstruct the model out of paper. With in the model I placed my various peppers ghost experiments, looking at depth, light, and multiple screens all working in tandem. The model itself lies on top a monitor playing the animations of the 4 spirits which are then reflected to appear as they are living inside the sculpture itself.
Photos from the exhibition
Animation tests
3d Modelling Exploration
Peppers Ghost Experiments
Animal spirit designs
Sommes Giant Designs
Final spirit designs and storyboards
Spirit Animatics
Final Animations
Sommes Giant Paper Craft Model

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