For my Honours Design project at Massey University - Spire - I designed and created two collectible 3d models of my "Habbit" characters from the game. 

Alongside other tangible objects such as stickers and a mug, these models act as physical prompts players the can collect to act as reminders for their current habits they are pursuing in the game. Players are encouraged to place them in areas that'll help remind them to pursue their habit building goals.

An example being a player may place the exercise "Habbit" - Taper - at their computer desk so that when they are bored and surfing the internet they may glance at Taper sitting on their desk. Prompting the player to consider standing up and stretching, or going for a walk.

These collectors models also act as a cool way to engage and showoff the players habit journey, some players even wanting to use it as a trophy to show their habit building success.
Photos from the Exposure Exhibit
Faleecia - The Pencil Point Sheep
Taper - The Professional Plush
Process Photos

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